Sensory Bin Ideas with Water Beads

Sensory bins offer an exciting and engaging way to explore, create, and experiment while combining a fun play activity with learning intentions for your children. With these innovative sensory bin ideas, you can easily make a sensory bin that your children will love playing and learning with! Water Beads: 9 Creative Sensory Bin Ideas 1. […]

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Handprint Christmas Cards to Make At Home

A girl smiling at the camera holding her palms up which are covered in red paint.

As Christmas draws nearer, it becomes time to dust off the paint and glitter and create some homemade Christmas cards. For those special people in our lives, nothing says Christmas more than a homemade card, made with love by our children. Handprint Christmas cards are a great way to celebrate Christmas and they are a […]

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Elf on the Shelf Naughty Ideas for Kids

Naughty elf on the shelf toy hanging on a Christmas tree branch

Looking for some naughty elf on the shelf ideas to make your children giggle on the run up to Christmas? Here are 24 naughty ideas for your elf, to keep you going until Christmas Eve. What is Elf on the Shelf? Elf on the shelf has become a holiday tradition where parents place a small […]

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Early Years Play: How to Use Play Trays

This picture shows a toddler putting their hands in a tray of dried pasta as they play at a table.

Early Years Play: What Are Play Trays? Early years play trays are simply an activity set up within a tray. The surrounding area may be used as an extension of this. Their main aim is to encourage play to flow and for children to have fun. Usually, the trays are aimed at younger children. Several […]

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